About Us

TOP 10 Funding is a consulting firm specializing in Commercial Mortgages for Real Estate.

  • We find private or institutional money for commercial projects, including acquisition, refinance, and construction.
  • We do not charge due-diligence or other upfront fees.
  • Our business is based on Honesty, Integrity, Relationships, and Christian Values.
  • We have are bound to a Code of Conduct, focused on ethical business practices.
  • We can help you to prepare your documentation and executive summary.
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Our Sweet Spot

Searching for reliable brokers and lenders to fund your deal is time consuming and risky. Time after time we hear horror stories from people who have paid tens of thousands in upfront fees and never closed. We research our lenders and verify their claims. Actually, the TOP 10 Lenders in our database provide 80% of funding for our deals.

Rentals and Multifamily Investment Funding
Institutional & Hard Money
Loans From $500,000 to $50,000,000

Why choose us

  • 1

    We are Professional - Formally educated, competent, and over 25 years' experience.

  • 2

    We Are Networked - With access to over 400 lenders and investors. We know all the major players and avoid the fee takers.

  • 3

    We Close Deals - With thousands of closings throughout the US our lenders are reliable and will perform. We evaluate your deal and determine if it is viable and will give you an honest assessment before contracting our services.