Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we work

You are NOT required to fill out online forms. We provide an ONLINE FORM HERE for your convenience to obtain a quote from a Direct Lender.
No. TOP 10 Funding LLC is a Commercial Lending Consulting Firm. We help you find a lender or investor, prepare loan documentation for lenders, and manage the process.
We have provided a contact form on our CONTACT PAGE HERE. You can use the Email address at the bottom of this page.
The lending process varies based on the acuracy of the information provided. Some lenders can close in 5-10 days for hard money. Typically, the process takes 30-60 days. Construction loans will take longer. Much of the delay is because of third party reports and verification of borrower's documentation.
Most lenders will not engage in any deal that has multiple brokers. The fees on some larger deals can justify more that 2 intermediary parties. We can work around this by working with a shared fee agreement and allowing the lender to work directly with the principles.
We may ask for an exclusive agreement if the deal is being shopped around.
Depending on the loan amount, we charge 1-2% of the total loan amount for debt financing, paid at closing. Equity deals are more. We do not charge upfront fees and most of our lending sources do not charge upfront fees.
Yes. We provide consulting services to prepare documentation consistent with our lenders' requirements.

Come Work With Us!

We are seeking talented and dedicated independent regional sales managers to build sales channels and participate in profit sharing. For more information on this position, visit our CAREERS PAGE.
Commercial Loan Consultants and Associates are independent agents representing our company using us as a resource to find money and process loans. If you are interested in working with us in this capacity please visit our CAREERS PAGE.
If you have experience in marketing and would like to provide qualified leads for us, please CONTACT US DIRECTLY with your proposal.

Loan Programs

Our Database includes over 400 Lenders thoughout the US. This includes institutional lenders, private parties, and Hard Money Lenders.
We do not quote rates and terms.

The rates listed on our website are estimates provided by the lenders. These rates are subject to change and are determined by the lending party.
The programs listed on our website may change at any time without notice. We try to give an example of what is currently available, however new programs come up every week.

Private lenders do not advertise specific programs and are typically more flexible.