TOP 10 Funding’s top 10 Top 10 lists

As the end of 2012 approaches, I thought it would be appropriate to post some random Top 10 Lists, if for no other reason, to drive some random traffic to our site.TOP 10 Funding LLC

Here are some links to the links I found in my search.

# 10 – Top 10 things to do before starting a business

# 9 – Top 10 Premium Content Channels On YouTube

# 8 – The real estate top 10

# 7 – Top ten things not to do when getting a loan

# 6 – Top 10 wasteful government programs

# 5 – A Top 10 list of unbelievable things–unbelievable-things.html?nav=5007

# 4 – Top 10 Benefits Of Crowdfunding

# 3 – LinkedIn – 10 Top Locations for Business Owners And How To Grow Your Online Presence

# 2 – The 10 best-educated countries in the world

 # 1  – Top 10 Most Improved Funding Sources in 2013

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Andrew Sabo is the owner of TOP 10 Funding. TOP 10 Funding currently represents over 100 private lenders and we are constantly vetting new sources. We have access to Billions of dollars to lend for investment properties, fix-and-flips, commercial projects, such as shopping centers, multifamily, assisted living, and office building purchases and refinance, new developments and commercial construction loans in most cities in the US. We have great relationships with DIRECT private commercial lenders. There are no up-front broker fees and the application process is simple and fast. An executive summary and a short intake form will get you an answer in a few days. Phone: (808) 375-4845 Email: Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: @ndysabo

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